About Lucan Carpet Cleaning.



I started this business in 2004 so believe me I have the know how to clean your carpets and sofas.
I am not part of a franchise, therefore I am free to use only the best cleaning methods machines, and solutions.
Customers are always glad they called me, because they get professional carpet cleaning at a reasonable price. When I quote you. That is the price you pay. I never ever arrive at your house and up my price.


Beware, the “Bait and switch” carpet cleaners or probably worse the “splash and dash” carpet cleaners. These cleaners operate in two cruel ways.
The most popular is the “Bait and switch” trick. The customer phones for a quote you are given a very cheap quote. Then when the carpet cleaner arrives, suddenly the price changes the carpet is bigger dirtier more sensitive to cleaning etc. and therefore they say it will be more money!!!!

The “splash and dash cleaners” use cheap wet and dry vacuums or hire D. I. Y. machines from the local hardware or supermarket, only meant for cleaning up spills and very light soiling etc.
These are great for wetting your carpet; however they do not do much more. They have been known to leave carpets in a condition where they will be wet for days on end, and sometimes stink and
mould or worse, shrink your carpets.